Thursday, September 14, 2006

Talking about Music

We launched Forums about a month ago, and so far folks seem to be liking it. It's a fairly basic way to discuss general music topics and get to know your fellow JamBasers.

Beyond the main forum, did you also know that there is a forum for EVERY band and EVERY event in JamBase?

For bands, just search for a band that you're a fan of, add it to your favorites (if you haven't already) and then go to the "Fans" tab and there will be a link for the Forum. Yes, we realize this is 2-3 clicks too many, but while we're testing things out it's good to keep them somewhat hidden so we can fix any issues quickly.

For events, just use the "Forums" tab on the events page.

We've got some more ideas for futher integration of this and making it easy for you to communicate with one another.

Thanks for playing along...


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